Have you seen the latest issue of Civic Life Today magazine? April’s issue focuses on — you guessed it — volunteering! VQ Volunteer Strategies contributed a checklist to help individuals find the “Right Opportunity” for volunteering.

How will your organization stack up when prospective volunteers seek to connect with your opportunities? Interested volunteers consider:

  • Time Commitment
  • Skills
  • Work Style
  • Leadership
  • Impact

But, don’t just check out page 8, read and share the entire issue.

As the Points of Light editors note:

“When it comes to volunteering, the opportunities that exist are as varied as the causes themselves. In fact, even when you identify a specific cause that you want to support, the ways in which nonprofit organizations or more grassroots mobilizers engage volunteers can be diverse….This edition of Civic Life Today explores examples of the ways in which people volunteer and what we might all consider before volunteering in order to make the most impact and avoid causing harm.”