VQ Solutions

Unlock Your Potential

VQ Volunteer Strategies offers a wide range of dynamic, cutting-edge, and customized solutions designed to help organizations achieve smarter impact by transforming existing volunteer engagement efforts into a mission-critical strategy for success. By working collaboratively with staff and volunteer leaders to help them engage more effectively across all areas of the organization, we help organizations unlock their unlimited potential to achieve smarter impact.

From our innovative suite of VQ Strategies to our inspirational and interactive VQ Training and Coaching services, we start higher, think bigger, and go deeper in designing solutions that will help you:

  • Increase capacity, sustainability, and impact
  • Raise your return on volunteer investment
  • Strengthen partnerships between staff and volunteers
  • Enrich organizational culture
  • Build organization-wide buy-in
  • Serve more clients
  • Deliver more programs
  • Raise more funds
  • Attract and retain more volunteers

Why VQ?

Strategic Approach

We start higher, think bigger, and dive deeper in designing smart solutions that drive impact.

Proven Process

Our transformative process will unlock your potential for more impact.

Passionate Partner

We work alongside staff and volunteer leaders to unlock their own unlimited potential.

Deep Experience

We’ve helped over 100 organizations across the United States and Canada achieve smarter, stronger, more sustainable impact.

Customized Solutions

We design impactful solutions that leverage the unique culture and strengths of each organization.

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