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Upcoming Presentations

June 14 – 16, 2023Equipping Staff for Success: Training Colleagues to Engage Volunteers and Volunteer Councils: A Change Management Model for Re-Thinking, Re-Forming, and Re-StructuringPoints of Light Conference

June 21, 2023Transforming Disruption to Impact: Re-engaging Volunteers Kentucky Nonprofit Network

July 20, 2023The Human Side of RecruitmentMAVA Volunteer Engagement Leadership Conference

August 16, 2023Service Enterprise: Orientation VQ Volunteer Strategies

September 14, 2023Designing Strategic Volunteer RolesServeOhio

September 20, 2023Service Enterprise: Laying the FoundationVQ Volunteer Strategies

September 21, 2023Cultivation and RecruitmentServeOhio

September 28, 2023Screening and PlacementServeOhio

October 4, 2023Service Enterprise: Establishing the VisionVQ Volunteer Strategies

October 5, 2023Support and AccountabilityServeOhio

October 12, 2023Measuring and Communicating ImpactServeOhio

October 18, 2023Service Enterprise: Shifting the ParadigmVQ Volunteer Strategies

October 19, 2023Volunteer RecognitionServeOhio

November 1, 2023Service Enterprise: Evaluating ImpactVQ Volunteer Strategies

November 15, 2023Service Enterprise: Putting Theory into PracticeVQ Volunteer Strategies

November 29, 2023Service Enterprise: Developing New OpportunitiesVQ Volunteer Strategies

December 13, 2023Service Enterprise: Accelerating ChangeVQ Volunteer Strategies