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VQ Volunteer Strategies may be coming to a city near you!

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February 5, 2020 – 12:00 pm Eastern – Finding the Fit: Interview and Screening Tips – Webinar – Delaware Association of Volunteer Administrators

March 12, 2020Measuring and Communicating Volunteer Impact – Webinar – Sterling Volunteers

April 2, 2020Finding the Fit: Volunteer Interview and Screening Tips – Webinar – Sterling Volunteers

April 7, 2020Creating a Culture of Board Engagement – Webinar – Human Service Forum

May 7, 2020The X and Y Factors: Engaging Gen X and Millennials for Impact – Webinar – Sterling Volunteers

May 15, 2020 Getting a Seat at the Table: Moving from Manager to Leader, from Do-er to Influencer; Strategic Planning for Volunteer Engagement: Your GPS to Future SuccessTexas Volunteer Management Conference

June 2, 2020 – Keep ’em Coming Back: Transforming Days of Service Into Deeper CommitmentsAmerica’s Service Commissions Regional Training Conference

June 18, 2020Mythbusting 101: Toppling the Top 5 Myths of Volunteer Engagement – Webinar – Sterling Volunteers

June 26, 2020Trends in Volunteer Engagement; The Human Side of Recruitment; Navigating Sticky Situations: Effective Solutions for Everyday Volunteer ChallengesCentral Illinois Volunteerism Conference

September 17, 2020Developing Volunteer Leaders – Webinar – Sterling Volunteers