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A volunteer engagement strategy goes only as far as those who know how to implement it. Our Volunteer Engagement Resource Guides make it easy for everyone within an organization to access the steps and tools to engage volunteers for success. Each guide is customized to the organization, with sections featuring procedures and templates for each of the 8 VQ practices – from the development of volunteer roles, through cultivation, screening, training, support, measuring impact, infrastructure, and organizational commitment.

Whether online or in hard copy, volunteer engagement resource guides ensure consistent and efficient practices across the entire organization.

Organizations with a comprehensive volunteer engagement guide have more confident staff members, more satisfied volunteers, more resources to support engagement efforts, and, ultimately, greater impact from their volunteers’ efforts.

Our Volunteer Engagement Resource Guide services can include:

  • Collaboration with a Guide Development Team from the organization
  • Comprehensive document review
  • Online survey for staff and leadership volunteers
  • Interviews with staff and leadership volunteers
  • Analysis of survey and interview data
  • Development of the Volunteer Engagement Resource Guide
  • Implementation webinar