Who is VQ?

We Are a Leading Provider of High-Impact Volunteer Engagement Solutions.

VQ Volunteer Strategies is a leading provider of high-impact volunteer engagement solutions designed to help organizations achieve smarter impact. We help organizations maximize existing resources, unlock their potential, and achieve mission by integrating volunteer engagement as a core organizational strategy.

We Are a Longtime Industry Partner.

Our name, VQ Volunteer Strategies, reflects our core belief that organizations already have a natural VQ (“Volunteer Quotient”) when it comes to leveraging the unlimited resource of volunteer skills and talent needed to achieve mission, strengthen their impact, and change the world. They just need a committed partner to empower them with the knowledge, guidance, and framework to strengthen their VQ and turn those skills and talents into strategies for success.

We Help Organizations Shift Volunteer Engagement to an Organization-Wide Asset.

Using a highly collaborative approach, a proven model for success, and an innovative mindset about the power and potential of strategic engagement, we help organizations shift how they think about and implement volunteer engagement internally and externally to build capacity, enrich culture, enhance organizational reach, and increase their impact. In other words, we help move volunteer engagement from being a static program to a dynamic, organization-wide asset.