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Creating Strategic Volunteer Roles

Needs Assessment
Reflect on your current successes and what would be possible if more resources were available. This needs assessment helps identify new strategic roles for volunteers to build organizational capacity and address the organization’s dreams and challenges
Strategic Volunteer Roles
Developing volunteer opportunities is easy – but ensuring that the work is truly strategic can be much more challenging. Use this exercise to identify opportunities that are both necessary and attractive to volunteers.
Volunteer Position Description
A Position Description details the responsibilities and expectations of the volunteer assignment and is the basis for cultivation, selection, and support of volunteers as well as measuring the impact of the volunteer’s contributions. A well-written volunteer position description is key to the success of any staff/volunteer collaboration.

Cultivating Volunteers

Volunteer Cultivation Plan
Develop a plan for targeted recruitment of candidates who are qualified to fill your available volunteer positions. Departmental staff should partner with volunteer engagement leadership to complete this template and work together on a plan that will efficiently reach those most likely to apply for your volunteer opportunities.  
Strategic Messaging
Strategic messages entice individuals to learn more about a volunteer opportunity. Use this template to develop a message that can be used online, as a script for a phone call, or shared in communications to existing volunteers.  

Screening and Placement

Interview Questions
Effective interview questions help both the interviewer and the potential volunteer determine whether this position is the right fit. Use this template to develop diverse and enlightening questions to screen for appropriate skills, motivations, and organizational fit.  

Support and Accountability

Volunteer Support Plan
Volunteers need and deserve support to be successful. Use this chart to ensure that each volunteer has a designated support person and a plan for checking in regularly.
Work Plan
Outlining the scope of a project becomes a common reference for the entire project team and is vital to tracking progress. A Work Plan establishes the vision and impact of a project, outlines key action steps, and provides indicators against which leaders can measure progress.
Exit Interview Questions
Exit interviews provide a valuable opportunity to learn and improve the volunteer experience for the future. This template helps leaders design and conduct exit interviews that reveal useful information.

Evaluation, Recognition, and Acknowledgment

Thanking Volunteers and Acknowledging Impact
Acknowledging the impact of volunteers’ contributions is one of the most compelling ways to thank them. Use this template as a guide for developing meaningful messages of thanks.
Rethinking Recognition
What makes acknowledgment different from recognition? Acknowledgment is a mutual expression of appreciation and gratitude. This tool includes ideas for innovative and personalized ways to motivate and inspire volunteers by acknowledging their impact.

Ongoing Professional Development and Training

Volunteer Training Plan
Develop a training plan in three easy steps and ensure that volunteers are set up with the skills and information they need to be successful.
Defining Expectations
Before any work begins, volunteers and staff should clearly define and agree upon expectations. This template guides onboarding and meetings to define the goals of the work, who is responsible for what, and how everyone involved will communicate.

Policies, Infrastructure, and Technology

Volunteer Handbook Outline
A comprehensive handbook sets expectations, provides guidance to keep volunteers and staff safe, and manages risks in all areas where volunteers are involved. Use this outline to develop your own volunteer handbook.

Organizational Commitment to Volunteer Engagement

What’s Your VQ?
Volunteer Quotient, or VQ, is an organization’s ability to leverage volunteer talent to achieve smarter impact. Every organization already has a VQ. Answer these questions to find out your organization’s VQ – and see where you can boost your practice to have even smarter impact.
Questions for Leaders
Build understanding of and support for volunteer engagement by discussing these questions with organizational leadership.