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In times of tremendous change, organizations have a choice: endure change… or embrace it. At VQ Volunteer Strategies, we believe that embracing change ensures organizations not only survive, but thrive for generations to come.

We also understand that change can be difficult, exciting, perplexing – or all of the above. That is why we help organizations embrace a culture of innovation and learning where new engagement initiatives are piloted, assessed, improved, and replicated.

Through years of work with large national organizations and small community cohorts, VQ Volunteer Strategies has developed a model that uses pilot projects to innovate new engagement practices, enhance organizational learning, and ensure lasting results.

Successful pilot projects such as new skills-based volunteer roles, member engagement initiatives, or training protocols have helped organizations to test new ideas, engage new people, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and cultivate new champions for engagement within the organization and beyond.

Our pilot process support usually includes:

  • Discovery and assessment to understand current trends, practices, and attitudes toward engagement
  • Training on volunteer engagement and pilot design
  • Support for pilot teams including ongoing coaching and follow-up webinars
  • Project evaluation