Making a difference matters to volunteers. Research shows that volunteers today are more motivated by the chance to do meaningful work than any other factor. As such, being able to capture and communicate the impact that volunteers have is more important than ever. Telling the story of volunteer impact is a powerful way to attract residents to volunteer. While articulating the desired impact through work plans or robust position descriptions can aid in holding volunteers accountable. Celebrating the difference that residents make through their service is also vital to thanking volunteers for their contributions.

Many cities are committed to engaging community volunteers to build the city’s capacity to reach new audiences, serve its residents, and enhance community life. Being able to show the impacts not only in hours or financial value but also in return on investment, outcomes for residents, and long-term benefits to the community tells a story of a city that is wise and strategic with its resources.

How can you enhance your impact measurement? Follow these steps:

  • Audit current practice (How do you currently capture and communicate volunteer impact?)
  • Understand emerging approaches (What new methods could enhance you impact story?)
  • Develop and implement a plan (How will you enhance your current practice? Who else should be involved? With whom will you share these stories? By when?)

For details on these tactics and additional tools to reveal impact, download our most recent free eToolkit, Revealing Volunteer Impact in Your City, developed in partnership with Offero, today.