When we first conceived of the book, Transforming Disruption to Impact, our goal was to spark conversation about the innovations and adaptations that have been vital to sustaining the power of volunteers despite the many disruptions we have all experienced in recent years. So what better way to read it than to do so as part of conversations? That’s where book groups come in.

In response to many requests, we have developed a facilitation guide for formal and informal book groups. Whether a formal book group through your local AVA (Association of Volunteer Administrators) or funder roundtable or an informal group of peers who share an interest in the topic, this guide is designed to help you explore, discuss, and apply strategies featured in the chapters. Filled with warm-up activities, questions, and compelling quotes, the guide also prompts “concepts to action” so that participants can translate these ideas into action.

Here are a few sample questions to pique your interest and inspire your conversations:

  • Many of these chapters related directly or indirectly to the concept of leadership. What strategies or qualities of leadership did you find inspiring?
  • How did your experience of “community” change in recent years, and how did that experience apply to your efforts to engage volunteers or serve clients?
  • What ideas do you have for significant infrastructure improvements that would drive 10x impacts on volunteer engagement?
  • What disruptions do you anticipate encountering in the coming years?

Download your copy today! Share your most compelling discussion highlights below.