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Gain skills, tools, and templates while convening with peers across your organization – or across the continent! – by joining one of VQ’s lively and informative webinars. From perennial favorites designed to help you build foundational skills or advanced practices to opportunities to gain insights from guest experts and authors, all VQ webinars are designed to stimulate and inform. Plus, you can ask questions and share your ideas!

In addition to hosting our own VQ Webinars, we also often present webinars through partner organizations.

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Webinars Designed Especially for You!

By offering volunteer engagement content through webinars, VQ Volunteer Strategies can save your organization time, travel, and expense. We will create customized webinars on the topics of your choice to be presented to your staff and volunteer leaders.

VQ: The Path to Smarter, Bigger Impact

60 minutes – Free and Available On-Demand What’s your VQ (“volunteer quotient”) and how can it help you better achieve your mission? Volunteer quotient is an organization’s ability to leverage volunteer talent to increase its impact. Join us to hear how various organizations have raised their VQs and what they gained as a result. Learn to identify your organization’s current VQ and leave with tips on how to take action to increase impact, as well! Sign up and receive a recording of this 60-minute webinar so you can watch on your own time and on your own turf. Register Today!

Rethinking Volunteer Recognition

60 minutes – Free and Available On-Demand Most nonprofits recognize volunteers for their contributions in a number of ways, yet, research shows that there is a disconnect between what volunteers are seeking in terms of recognition and what organizations actually are providing. With National Volunteer Week right around the corner (April 15-22, 2018), it’s a great time to rethink recognition and consider how organizations can align recognition efforts more closely with what actually motivates volunteers. In this webinar, we will explore not only how to make the most of National Volunteer Week, but also how to strategically plan your organization’s recognition efforts in affordable and effective ways. We will share research on recognition, explore brief case studies, and provide tips to help you create a recognition plan and a culture of appreciation. Presented in partnership with Verified Volunteers.

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How to Make the Case to Funders for Volunteer Engagement

 60 minutes –  Free and Available On-Demand How can you talk to leadership, the community, and potential funders about the power and potential of tapping into volunteer talent? While many accept and support the need for volunteers to help deliver programs, not all leaders, funders, and partners recognize the benefits of truly embracing volunteer engagement as a strategy throughout the entire organization. Through this webinar, you will be introduced to research and tools to help make that case for strategic engagement. Presented in partnership with Verified Volunteers.

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How to Deliver Effective Feedback to Volunteers

60 minutes –  Free and Available On-Demand Feedback is a two-way street. Organizations that have a culture of open communication between staff and volunteers benefit from greater accountability and impact. But all too often, staff and volunteer leaders are reluctant to provide feedback. In this webinar, learn three easy steps to delivering feedback and understand the benefits of being more open to input from volunteers. You will also leave with tools to navigate sticky situations. Presented in partnership with Verified Volunteers. Click here to register and receive access to the recording.

Generational Trends in Volunteer Engagement

November 8, 2018 2:00 pm Eastern – Free

Generational differences affect everything from recruitment and team building to how we support volunteers, manage change, and acknowledge volunteer contributions. Join us to learn how you can create and maintain a diverse volunteer corps that leverages the skills and talents of Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and post Millennials and position yourself well for the generations that follow.

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Introducing our VQ Boost Series!

Have only 30 minutes to spare? You can still boost your VQ with these concise, skills-focused webinars designed to deliver tools for enhancing one volunteer engagement practice and help you boost your VQ for smarter impact. These are available both live and through on-demand recordings (following the date of the webinar).

Designing for Success – Developing Volunteer Roles

Designing strategic volunteer roles means meeting both your organization’s needs and the volunteer’s needs. It also means developing position descriptions that will serve as the basis for cultivation, screening, accountability, and measuring impact.

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Keep 'em Coming Back – Transforming Days of Service into Deeper Commitments

How do you parlay service days into longer term commitments? Learn how to design days of service so that you not only deliver valued assistance but also connect participants to future opportunities for impactful volunteering.

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Finding the Fit – Interview and Screening Tips

Investing time in interviewing candidates especially for high-impact roles is time well spent! Explore which types of volunteer positions should require interviews, who should be involved in screening, and how to develop interesting and enlightening interview questions.

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Setting Up for Success: Training Staff and Volunteers

August 29, 2018 – 2:00 pm Eastern – $20

Research has shown organizations with effective training for volunteers and the staff who engage and support them are more adaptable, sustainable, and impactful. Training increases job satisfaction and effectiveness, while also reducing turnover thereby enhancing retention. Boost your ability to train staff and volunteers for success through helpful such tools as a training plan template and tips for training staff to effectively build accountability and provide feedback.


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Creating Successful Partnerships: Holding Volunteers Accountable

September 26, 2018 2:00 pm Eastern – $20

Feedback provides information and tools to help volunteers reach their goals. It keeps people on track, fuels motivation, and nurtures a team spirit. Yet, many leaders of volunteers are reluctant to provide feedback. Learn the steps to creating successful staff/volunteer partnerships by setting up clear expectations, supporting each other, providing feedback and measuring outcomes. In doing so, you’ll boost your accountability and your colleagues’ success, too.


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Telling Stories of Success: Communicating Volunteer Impact

November 28, 2018 2:00 pm Eastern – $20

Most organizations count the number of volunteers and track the hours they contribute. But numbers are only a small part of the story. Hours only communicate quantity – but they don’t reflect impact. Stories shape how others relate to your mission, are inspired by your work, and are moved to action. In this webinar, learn emerging trends in measuring and communicating volunteer impact and gain tools to help you tell powerful stories of success.


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