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COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges that have redefined how we engage volunteers — and, yet, it has also mobilized millions to serve and assist during these challenging times.

New circumstances demand new strategies and VQ Volunteer Strategies is here with you, step by step, as you re-engineer, recover, and re-engage community members to help you achieve impact.

We can help you:

  • Develop a plan to return, recovery, and re-engage volunteers in your mission
  • Identify new, safe ways to engage volunteers
  • Assess which innovations should be sustained as you return to more normal operations
  • Build the case to leadership to sustain engagement
  • Adapt processes and practices through new engagement guides
  • Train staff and volunteers
  • Engage virtual volunteers
  • Pilot new, high-impact roles
  • and more

Below are some of the resources we have developed to help you mobilize those who care about your mission to sustain services no matter what challenges arise. We are developing new tools and resources regularly.


Whether translating on-site training to on-line experiences or developing strategies to engage virtual volunteers, our on-demand webinars will equip you for success.

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Tools and Templates

We are frequently developing tools to equip you for success. Download them today – including:

  • Volunteer Engagement COVID-19 Plan for Recovery, Reopening, and Return
  • COVID-19 Engagement Response Plan
  • Virtual Volunteer Role Assessment
  • Online Training Plan
  • Rethinking Recognition

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